Bristol’s Perosnal Statement Advice

Each candidate’s application is awarded an overall mark; the highest scoring candidates will be invited to interview. The UCAS form will be scored in 3 areas which will contribute to the overall mark as follows:

GCSE results 15%
A level results 15%
Personal statement & reference 70%

The scores from the personal statement contribute 70% towards the overall mark. The criteria assessed and their weightings within the personal statement scores are:

  • Is the candidate realistic and informed about a career in veterinary medicine? 30%
  • Has the candidate got work experience in veterinary practice? 20%
  • Has the candidate got related work experience, e.g. farm, stable, kennel, rescue,
  • research, abattoir? 20%
  • Has the candidate contributed to school/college/community activities and have interests outside of veterinary sciences? 10%
  • Does the candidate have evidence of personal achievements? 20%

We are not prescriptive about work experience but full marks would be given to those candidates who have seen more than 4 weeks (i.e. more than 20 days) practice at more than 1 veterinary practice and more than 4 weeks at a good range of animal establishments (e.g. lambing, beef, dairy, kennels, wildlife, abattoir, laboratory). Some work experience must already be completed but we will also include work experience that is planned in future vacations in our totals.

School/ college/ community activities – e.g. being a prefect, helping at a club, charity work.

Interests outside of veterinary sciences e.g. sports, music, drama, hobbies and/ or part time work.

Evidence of non academic personal achievements – e.g. sporting success, examinations in music, charity challenges achieved, promotion to a position of responsibility in the workplace.

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