FREE Personal Statement Review

Our team of current students with experience of reading and correcting Personal Statements is able to offer you a free confidential service in order to help you improve your personal statement.

Requirements before submitting

  • Have you read all of our Personal Statement advice on this website?
  • Have you checked your spelling, style and grammar?
  • Have you got someone else to read through your statement to make sure it makes general sense?
  • Is your statement under 4400 characters (UCAS limit is 4000)? We can give you some advise as to where you can cut down on words but ideally we don’t want very long waffly PSes

How to Submit


Running this website has a financial cost. And the PS helpers are not paid for their time either. Please consider donating via PayPal to the same e-mail ( in order to keep this service free of charge.

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