Top Tips

General Tips

  • Start working on your personal statement as early as possible.
  • Get as many people to read it as possible such as parents, family, teachers, etc.

Most Important Points

  • Show what you’ve learned. Don’t just list ‘ I helped out with calving, I got to tube lambs, I did x and x and x.’ I want to know what you learnt at the farm, about the workings, about the bigger issues, what about milking? What were the importance of the husbandry procedures, what was the economical importance of x, y and z. Show deeper thinking, don’t just list. Show me that you took something from that industry or placement. You learn clincial skills later.. I want to know your awareness.
  • Link link link. Every statement or so you make should have a wider role. It should be aimed at showing why you’re a good candidate for the course or what you understand. For example. I saw the vet do x, this shows me x about the role of the vet, or this makes me suited because of x.
  • FLOW. Don’t have that statement tacked on in the middle somewhere, or don’t have random bits of work experience thrown in all over the place.
  • Spelling, grammar and punctuation. You need to get this right in order to leave a good impression of yourself. It’s quite common that people will write sentences that make no sense at all when read aloud. I’d recommend asking someone confident in their spelling and grammar to check your PS – such as a GCSE English teacher.
  • Also remember- the profession is also about the people, sometimes more so than the animal. Mention *something* about clients/teamwork/compassion etc!
  • Avoid clichés. There are some words, phrases and sentences that come up too often. These include, but are not limited to: passion, fascination, love, aspiration, intrigued by, broadened my knowledge, enhanced my skill, as a result, affirmed/confirmed my decision, fueled, enthralled, ‘quenched my thirst for’ and ‘sparked my interest in’.
  • Never mention James Herriot please…
  • Check out Bristol’s Personal Statement advice even if you’re not applying there as they also make some good points

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