Grade Requirements 2015 Entry

Please note that, although we try to keep this information as accurate as possible, you should always refer to the official University websites in case there are any changes.


Vet School GCSEs
Bristol Grade B or above in English Language and two sciences and grade A in Mathematics if Mathematics or Physics not offered at grade A at A-level or AS-level. A minimum of six A grades would normally be expected.
Cambridge Grade C or above in GCSE (or equivalent) Double Award Science and Mathematics. Two single awards in GCSE Biology and Physics may be substituted for Double Award Science. A level results will be looked at more closely than your GCSE results
For UK applicants, the only minimum entry requirement at Standard Grade or GCSE is in English. You will need Standard Grade 3 or GCSE C grade.
Glasgow  A GCSE pass in English at Grade B is required.
Liverpool Minimum 10 points ( A*/A = 2 points, B = 1 point, C = 0 points) in at least 7 different subjects, to include a minimum of grade B in English, Mathematics and Physics (or dual science including Physics).
RVC At least five A grades including: ‘Double Science*’ award or “Science and Additional Science”at AA (or an A in Biology and A in Chemistry if taken as separate GCSEs)And grade A or B in: English Language, Mathematics, Physics (if taken as a separate GCSE)
Surrey Minimum five subjects at grade A or above to include Chemistry, Biology and Physics (or double science). Mathematics and English Language required at a minimum of grade B.

A Levels

Vet School Typical A Level Offer
A Level Subjects
Biology? Chemistry? Third Subject?
Bristol  AAA or AAB (if from a poor performing school)  YES  YES  ANY
Cambridge  A*AA ?  YES  YES Although many Colleges consider applicants offering only two science/mathematics subjects at A Level, please note that the success rate of such applicants is much lower.
Edinburgh  AAA  YES  YES  From list of approved subjects. Not General Studies or Critical Thinking.
Glasgow  A*AA  YES  YES Preferably a science subject.Art, Drama, General Studies, Home Economics, Music or PE are not acceptable as a third subject
Liverpool AAA YES YES (Minimum to AS level if not offered at A2, min grade B) ANY (Science subject if Chemistry to AS level only) apart from General Studies.
RVC AAA  YES  YES  Not General Studies
Surrey AAA – AAB  YES  YES  Not General Studies or Critical Thinking

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