Grade Requirements 2020 Entry

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Vet School GCSEs
Bristol Standard numeracy requirement (4 or C in GCSE Mathematics or equivalent) and
Standard literacy requirement (4 or C in GCSE English or equivalent)
Further information about GCSE requirements and profile levels.
Cambridge GCSEs (or their equivalent) are not as important to us as A-levels (or their equivalent), but obviously it is encouraging if you have at least a few A*/8/9’s at GCSE, especially in science/maths subjects.
Minimum of seven GCSEs at grades AAABBBB or above, including Mathematics, English and Physics (either as a separate subject or as Dual Award Science) are required.
Glasgow GCSE English at Grade B (or Grade 5–6).
Liverpool Minimum 10 points ( A*/A = 2 points, B = 1 point, C = 0 points) in at least 7 different subjects, to include a minimum of grade B in English, Mathematics and Physics (or dual science including Physics).
Nottingham Minimum of five GCSEs at grade 7 (A) to include biology and chemistry (or double science or core science, additional science, further additional science) and one of physics or maths. Minimum of grade 6 (B) in English language and maths.
RVC At least five GCSEs at grade 7 (A) including: 7-7 in Combined Science/AA in Science (Double Award) or Biology and Chemistry or Science and Additional Science.
with at least a grade 6 (B) in: English Language, Mathematics, Physics (if taken as a separate GCSE).
Surrey Five subjects at Grade A(7) including Chemistry, Biology, and Physics (or double science). English Language and Mathematics at Grade B(5)

A Levels

Vet School Typical A Level Offer
A Level Subjects
Biology? Chemistry? Third Subject?
Bristol AAA  or A*AB  YES  YES  Physics or Mathematics
Cambridge  A*AA  NO  YES Many applicants are taking three science/maths subjects in total, and our experience suggests that they are more likely to be successful than those taking two.
Edinburgh  AAA  YES  YES University-approved subjects . If physics is not studied at A level, a good pass is required at GCSE Level. Not General Studies or Critical Thinking.
Glasgow  AAA  YES  YES Science subject preferred but other academic subjects are acceptable (Art, Drama, General Studies, Home Economics, Music and PE are NOT accepted).
Liverpool AAA YES YES (Minimum to AS level if not offered at A2, min grade B) Any other subject excluding General Studies, Critical Thinking and Citizenship Studies.
Nottingham AAB YES YES Grade B in a third subject – excluding citizenship studies, critical thinking, general studies and global perspectives.
ABB (Widening Participation criteria)
 YES  YES  Not General Studies
Surrey AAB  YES  YES Not General Studies or Critical Thinking

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